The Kid Lopez Band - "AIR WAVES"

Recorded in 2004 live at KMHD-FM Radio studios on the Mt. Hood Community College Campus, Gresham, Oregon.

Jeannette "Kid" Lopez - Vocals Eddy "E.Z." Campy - Bass / Vocals Gordon "Fingers" Hermanson - Guitar / Vocals Ray Davis - Guitar / Vocals Boyd Martin - Drums / Vocals

"In the Throes of Love" (Gordon Hermanson composer) "(We've Got) A Long Way To Go" (Ray Davis composer) "Voodoo Gumbo" (Ray Davis composer) "A Different Kind of Love" (Ray Davis/Kid Lopez composers) "Knight of Knights" (Gordon Hermanson composer) "Walk That Walk" (Ray Davis composer) "Why Must I Fall" (Kid Lopez composer) "I Don't Love You No More" (Ray Davis/Kid Lopez composers)

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