Some cool tunes/arrangements...

Andy-Harrison-Permission-to-Be-Awesome.mp3 Portland, OR, songwriter
Andy_Stokes_What's_Goin'_On.mp3 Portland, OR, singer
Blubinos-Cruel_Is_Your_Name.mp3 Portland, OR, guitarslinger Monti Amundsen
Bob_Seger-Turn_The_Page.mp3 Just like this classic Seger song...
Boneshakers-Let's_Straighten_ It_Out.mp3 - Sweet Pea Atkinson vocals... whadda voice!
Boneshakers_Cold_Sweat.mp3 - Shuffle version of the James Brown classic. Abot half the bands in Portland started playing it.
Called_To_Be.mp3 - Nice Contemporary Christian songs/arrangements
Curtis_Salgado-Ill-Be-Back.mp3 Portland, OR, singer/songwriter
Cyrkle-Turn_Down_Day.mp3 - This song has a permanent place in my brain...
DaveWeckl-101Shuffle.mp3 - Weckl applies New York shuffle chops to SoCal...
Down_To_The_Bone-LA_Shakedown.mp3 - Funky!
Earthrise_Soundsystem-Rock_Beats_Paper.mp3 with Broadway star, Kevin Mambo. Revolution!!
Frank-LuckBeALady1965.mp4 - My fave Frank song.
George_Carlin-I_Am.mp3 - George Duke providing ambience...
Goin_To_California.mp3 - Led Zep!
Groove_Collective-Losaida.mp3 - Cool Latin groove
JR_Sims-Aint_Superstitious.mp3 - JR with The Jumpers circa 2003, Portland, OR
Jim_Reeves-Four_Walls.mp3 - Well... Not sure why this is here...
Joan_Osborne-I'll_Be_Around.mp3 - Great take on this classic Spinners song.
Joan_Osborne-Smiling_Faces.mp3 - Yeah!
Joanna-Connor_Slide-On-In.mp3 - I'm drumming...
John_Baldry-King_Of_Rock_N_Roll.mp3 - Recorded at the Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City, circa 1972, on my Wollensack...
Jumpers-Got_the_Blues_About_You_Baby.mp3 - Me on drums...
Karen_Dumont-29_Ways.mp3 - Portland, OR, singer/songwriter. Me on drums...
Kid_Lopez_Band-Long_Way_To_Go.mp3 - Portland, OR, band I was in...
Kool_Gang_Get_Down_on_it.mp3 - updated drums on this re-release
KyleEastwood-RuePerdue.mp3 - Love the horn section break midway.
Larisa-Stow_Amma.mp3 - Great production!
Larry_Carlton_Josie_(CrossroadsFest).mp3 - Love it!
Level_42-Hot_Water.mp3 - Level 42 deep cut.
LooneyTunes.mp3 - my ring tone!
Maceo_Parker-I_Need_Some_Money.mp3 Live! Typical musician's lament...
Michael_McDonald_Signed_Sealed_Delivered.mp3 Uh-huh!
OhHappyDay.mp3 - Ramsey Lewis inspiration!
Oregon_White_Boys-Number3.mp3- The best jam band no one ever heard of... me on drums.
Richard_Day-Reynolds_High_Cost_of_Love.mp3 - Me on drums...
River_of_Joy.mp3 - ??
Rubberneck-Number_Seven.mp3 - Portland premiere funk band from 1992.
Sanctuary.mp3 - West L.A. COGIC Super Choir... hallelujah!
Enough Is Enough-Shade.mp3 An earnestly emotional performance by Charlie Grant & Shade (1999) (me on drums)...
Slick_Willie-The_Moon_Is_Full.mp3 - Portland guitarist/songwriter Ken "Willie" Scandlyn. Me on drums...
Stan_Freburg-St_George_&_The_Dragonet.mp3 - 1954 - from my childhood. Freburg was a big influence on my humor development...
Terry_Evans-Before_You_Accuse_Me.mp3 - from 2009 set at the Winthrop, WA, blues fest
Get_Your_Lies_Straightt-Terry_Evans.mp3 Terry with Ry Cooder and Jim Keltner (rare)
The_Blessing-Let's_Make_Love.mp3 - Just love Walter Topley's voice
Tommy_Roe-Dizzy.mp3 - memories from teenagehood
Treetop_Flyer.mp3 - Stills!
Urban Jazz.mp3 - Down to the Bone funk
Walter_Washington-You Can Stay But.mp3 - Hilarious lyrics
Watermelon_Man.m4a -  jazz classic
Wichita_Skyline-Shawn_Colvin.mp3 - Nice!
Larisa_Stow-Amma.mp3 - Some of the best Kirtan Rock out there!
Feppo_Bros-Aint_Hurtin_Nobody.mp3 - Nice live track from Portland band, Feppo Brothers.
Kid Lopez Band "Airwaves" - Recorded live at KMHD-FM, Portland, OR, 2004